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  1. What means to be overloaded?
    When a name refer to more than one object at a given section of the program, its say that the name is overloaded.
  2. What does mean overloading subroutine names?
    When a given name refer to an arbitrary number of subroutines in the same scope, as long as the subroutine differ only in the number of arguments or the types of their arguments, they are said to be overloading subroutine names.
  3. What is coercion?
    When a compiler automatically convert a value from one type into a value of another type when the second type is required by the surrounding context, it said to be coercion.
  4. What does polymorphism means?
    Polymorphism means having multiple forms.
  5. What does polymorphism means in programming languages?
    Polymorphism means that a single subroutine can accept unconverted arguments of multiple types.
  6. What is a parametric polymorphism?
    Parametric polymorphism is when a code take a type or set of types as a parameter in implicity or explicitly way.
  7. What is generics?
    Generics is a way of explicit parametric polymorphism. The implementation is due when multiple copies of polymorphic code are created, each specialised for each need of a concrete type.
  8. What is ad hoc polymorphism?
    Ad hoc polymorphism is known as overloading by some authors. In the same way that generics allow to create automatically a copy of a code for every needed type, a similar way is performed with a calling syntax and a generated code.
  9. What is a first-class status?
    When a value can be passed as a parameter, returned from a subroutine, and/or assigned into a variable its said to be a first-class status variable.
  10. What is a closure?
    When a deep binding is implemented by creating an explicit representation such as a subroutine executed at present time (referencing environment) together with a reference to the subroutine its said to be a closure.

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