3D Printer – Using a desktop case as a Base

My friend Gary Schoonmaker got his desktop broken. After trying many things, I found out that the Microprocessor was busted. Then decided to give me the desktop so I could used it.

I think is going to be a good base for the 3D printer, plus this is going to be considerate as recycled.

Here are some examples:

The interesting part is that it seems that some materials will need the platform to be heated.

I can reuse the busted CPU as a heater: http://hackaday.com/2005/11/26/cooking-with-processors/


3D Printer – tools – file set

Since I am going to be working with aluminum and other materials, I bought a 10-piece file set for U$S 9.98. However, I still need to buy more tools if I wish to work faster, else, I will have to go slowly and keep improvising.

Building a 3D printer using other printers, picked up from the street, is like building a puzzle using different puzzles sets. I must confess that it would be easier to build a 3d printer from scratch but I don’t have the resources to buy a lot of materials and tools needed. Also, this is more challenging, original, and I can learn more than building a 3d printer from scratch.

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3D Printer – Decision plus benefactor

When I started the 3D Printer, the idea was to build it mostly of recycle parts.

I got my hands on four printers, three from the street and one given to me.

The problem I uncounted was that I still needed extra materials to build the 3D printer.

This was slowing the process even more.

Well things seems to change. I found a benefactor that is willing to help me to buy the material I need.

After talking with him, we agree that I don’t have too much time to waste since summer is very short.

Also, I am building this alone. The building/engineering of the printer is the easy/fun part, the challenging part is to program the drivers which is fun but takes longer. I need the most time I can get.

Tomorrow, I am going make a list of things I will need to buy so I get approval.


3D Game – Postponed until base of the game is build

After sharing my ideas with some friends, I decided to not publish it until I get the game running.

The reason is that the idea is very original and doesn’t exist in the field of games.

I hope be able to develop it before someone help have it.

Anyways, I am thinking to write it down and keep documentation.

When I have something working, I would not mind to share it publicly.