Cupid-4-Stupid for the NOOK – Comming Soon!

I was working on Cupid-4-Stupid for the Nook Color and Nook table for a while; however, there is a big difference between testing the application in the Nook emualtor and test the application in the real device.

After coming back from my trip to Argentina, I got a wonderful surprise. My friend David gave me a brand new Nook Color!

My first step was to do the registration at the Nook developer website (

My second step was to obtain a file with the name ‘provision.cmd’. This file must be uploaded to the Nook Color in order to enable the developer mode.
The developer mode allows the ADB to detect the Nook Color and upload your application APK for testing.

To obtain the provision.cmd file normally you would go to the Developer Mode form inside the website (after login in).
You must fill the form with the serial number of your Nook and in return the form would give you a file provision.cmd.
Be aware that this file only enable your device for develop mode only for 180 days. After you must repeat the process.

I must confess that this second step didn’t work for me. The Developer Mode form was not recognising my Nook Color’s serial number.
It took me two weeks to obtain this file. First, I chat with technical support. Technical support provide me a 1-800 number.
I called the 1-800 number. I have to talk with four people until someone understood that I was trying to test my application on the Nook instead of trying to root (hack) the device.
The last person provide me an email:
After going back and forward, they were nice enough to send me the file I needed.
I hope that now the Developer Mode form is working properly in case I need to do more testing in 180 days.


Here are some pictures of how the application is looking in the Nook Color:

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