Table of Moods Involved in Questions and Phrases

This is to show a better approach when you ask question to people




Get the Point? Will you help me?  What is your opinion?
See What I mean? I’m sorry Can you give an example?
You don’t say? It was my fault What do you think?
But honestly now  Thank you  How did it happen?
 Don’t you know?  I’m proud of you  Could you explain further?
 I, me, my, mine  Congratulations!  What happened next?
 You this that’s bad?! You were very kind  How do you feel about it?
 I beg your pardon  
 It’s been a pleasure  


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Common Questions for New Projects

The following are some useful questions that you may wish to review before starting a project.

  • How often is the project going to be maintained?
  • Is there a developing/Testing environment available?
  • Where do I access to this particular information?
  • Who have this particular information?
  • How do I access to this particular information?
  • Whom I have to talk to?
  • Who made the decision?
  • Is this the best solution for this problem?
  • Are there backups?
  • Is there a backup system that we can use before starting working on the project?
  • Who is going to assign the roles and responsibilities?
  • Are all team members familiar with the project?
  • Are parameters of the project unlikely to change?
  • Is this a large project team?
  • Is the project process thoroughly documented?
  • Is the project manager experienced in other project methodologies?
  • What are we getting ourselves into?
  • What impact is going to be?
  • What are their expectations from the project?
  • What are their expectations from us?
  • Where is the list of TODOs located?
  • What is going to be involved in maintain the solution?
  • Are they maintaining and we are just configuring?
  • Are we just going to administrator and maintain this project?
  • Are we taking over this project?
  • Do you understand that system administration is not an operation?
  • This is too generic. Would you mind to explain exactly what is your expectation from us?
  • What do you exactly need us to do?
  • Where does it say in the document?
  • What are we purchasing?
  • Who is trained on this?
  • Is this the way we really work?
  • Am I involved in this project?
  • Who is involved in this project?
  • Can we break this in chunks?
  • How much do we know is going to take if we don’t know what is going to be implemented?
  • Would be this be sufficient and not customizations would be required?
  • How is going to be maintained?
  • How do they put the extended functionality?
  • For how long the extended functionality would be available?
  • How much times do they except us to put on it?
  • How much do they charge us? It is too low or too high?
  • How much do we charge them? It is too low or too high?
  • What are we signing on?
  • Are we going to be the administrator of this system?
  • Are we going to be the developers of this system?
  • Are we going to be the administrator and developers on this system?
  • Who are we making these questions for?
  • Is the process map out?
  • What do they need to know and want to hear?
  • What’s their preferred way of receiving information?
  • What may prevent them from listening to what you have to say?
  • How will you know that they got the message?


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