NetBeans 7.4: Exception: com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener


NetBeans 7.4 display an exception, send by Tomcat, that cannot be solved by just stopping Tomcat, cleaning and building the project. This issue happens because NetBeans keeps uploading a previous version of the project from its cache which is not being updated.

Solution For Windows Users

  1. On NetBeans
    1. Stop Tomcat
    2. Clean your project
    3. Exit NetBeans
  2. Go to “C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\NetBeans” (where USERNAME is your windows login username)
  3. Delete folder “Cache”
  4. Open NetBeans again. Build and test your project on the browser.
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NetBeans: PrimeFaces: Adding Theme to Project

Adding a theme to your PrimeFaces is simple:

  1. Go to the PrimeFaces theme Showcase Labs so you can pick which theme you wish to use (remember the name of the theme):
  2. Go to the PrimeFaces theme repository:
  3. Using the name of the theme you wish to use, go inside the theme folder and then go into the version you wish to use.
  4. Download the jar file anywhere you wish
  5. Open NetBeans and go into your project
  6. Do right-click “Libraries” folder and select “Ad JAR/Folder”
  7. Select the JAR file
  8. Your jar file should show up under the Libraries folder
  9. Next, go into the folder WEB-INF and open the file web.xml
  10. Add the following xml code into this file
  11. Run and/or deploy the website. Done!
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