Living in the “Industial Era” in the 21st Century

Today, I am planning to begin my route into AngularJS. Currently, I am searching for a job and due the fact that I do not know AngularJS have closed to me many great opportunities. It did not matter if I am a nice guy, if I am a fast learned, or if I was in charged of developing and maintaining critical systems that cost and/or generated thousands of dollars at my previous jobs. My lack of knowing a framework such as AngularJS have being the major reason for being rejected. At least, that is the reason I was told.

We still behaving like in the “Industrial Era”, even do we are leaving the “Information Era” and getting into the era of “What to do With so Much Information Era”. In this new era, you are required to learn, re-learn and even forget faster than never before. The technology you are using today, can be easily replaced by something else, quite fast. Programming languages, libraries, and frameworks can be learned thanks for the available tools such as Internet, books, and so for. How to do clean, reusable, and expandable code is different matter. That takes time, experimentation, practice, and experience.

If you are interested in learning on how to recognize in which era you are and which era you are getting into, read “The Third Wave” by Alvin Toffler, author of “Powershift“, “Future Shock“, and “Revolutionary Wealth“. I would advice to take attention on how the author identify each era, instead of just reading for knowledge gathering.

My learning process have always being to get involved into some major project. There is nothing better than real life experiences. They beat any tutorial you can find. You have to learn fast and do thing right from the beginning because people depend on you and you should try to be always a professional. However, I do not have a real life project right now and money is running out. Therefore, I will have to do with tutorials and perhaps some fake project that force me to cover everything needed to be learn.

Lucky for me there is always an image that give me hope:

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