Souls of War Graphic Design

Me and my friends are developing a video game for the iPhone and Android.
The following are some images I have being working on:


Souls of War ™ – Alejandro G. Carlstein Ramos Mejia
War’s Souls ™ – Alejandro G. Carlstein Ramos Mejia
Souls of War © – Alejandro G. Carlstein Ramos Mejia
War’s Souls © – Alejandro G. Carlstein Ramos Mejia

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Group Project: 3D Game for the iphone and itouch!

Its official!

Our group is going to develop a new game for the iphone! A new system for first shooters. So far, I have not found anyone that came up with the same idea. Therefore, it will be in secret until the game in publish.

Our team right now if form by:

Alejandro G. Carlstein Ramos Mejia – Game Concept Designer, Programmer, Administration

Agustin Alejandro Benavidez: Project Manager

Philibian Lindo: Programmer, Audio and Visual effects, Animation

Stephen Brower: Programmer.

Adam Willson: Graphic Designer

Joshua R. Smith: Code tester

Extra help from:

Marina Carlstein Ramos Mejia: Graphic Designer

The team

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3D Game – Postponed until base of the game is build

After sharing my ideas with some friends, I decided to not publish it until I get the game running.

The reason is that the idea is very original and doesn’t exist in the field of games.

I hope be able to develop it before someone help have it.

Anyways, I am thinking to write it down and keep documentation.

When I have something working, I would not mind to share it publicly.


List of projects

This summer, I am working on these projects:

  1. Building a 3D printer by recycling printers parts:
    * Buy Arduino with motor-shield  (Done)
    * Performe X head testing (Done)
    * Build base and test opto-sensors
    * Do 3D pieces by: Turning materials, melting plastic, other options.
    * [Pictures]
  2. Develop an open source multi-player 2D game.
    * Draw GUI design (In progress)
    * Use Haxe, PHP, and MySQL
    * Thing about game story (In progress)
    * Search for references (In progress)
  3. Develop an open source multi-player 3D game (after finishing the 2D game).
    * Think about original idea, no used so far on other games (Done)
    * Decide on using existing open-source engines or create a new graphic and physics engine.
  4. Repaint my motorcycle (previous design got ruin)
    * Draw new design
    * Purchase paint and materials
    * [Previous painting pictures]
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