The following are some useful questions that you may wish to review before starting a project.

  • How often is the project going to be maintained?
  • Is there a developing/Testing environment available?
  • Where do I access to this particular information?
  • Who have this particular information?
  • How do I access to this particular information?
  • Whom I have to talk to?
  • Who made the decision?
  • Is this the best solution for this problem?
  • Are there backups?
  • Is there a backup system that we can use before starting working on the project?
  • Who is going to assign the roles and responsibilities?
  • Are all team members familiar with the project?
  • Are parameters of the project unlikely to change?
  • Is this a large project team?
  • Is the project process thoroughly documented?
  • Is the project manager experienced in other project methodologies?
  • What are we getting ourselves into?
  • What impact is going to be?
  • What are their expectations from the project?
  • What are their expectations from us?
  • Where is the list of TODOs located?
  • What is going to be involved in maintain the solution?
  • Are they maintaining and we are just configuring?
  • Are we just going to administrator and maintain this project?
  • Are we taking over this project?
  • Do you understand that system administration is not an operation?
  • This is too generic. Would you mind to explain exactly what is your expectation from us?
  • What do you exactly need us to do?
  • Where does it say in the document?
  • What are we purchasing?
  • Who is trained on this?
  • Is this the way we really work?
  • Am I involved in this project?
  • Who is involved in this project?
  • Can we break this in chunks?
  • How much do we know is going to take if we don’t know what is going to be implemented?
  • Would be this be sufficient and not customizations would be required?
  • How is going to be maintained?
  • How do they put the extended functionality?
  • For how long the extended functionality would be available?
  • How much times do they except us to put on it?
  • How much do they charge us? It is too low or too high?
  • How much do we charge them? It is too low or too high?
  • What are we signing on?
  • Are we going to be the administrator of this system?
  • Are we going to be the developers of this system?
  • Are we going to be the administrator and developers on this system?
  • Who are we making these questions for?
  • Is the process map out?
  • What do they need to know and want to hear?
  • What’s their preferred way of receiving information?
  • What may prevent them from listening to what you have to say?
  • How will you know that they got the message?


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