Making a cheap large table

I was taking a class of physics to review some things at Broome Community College which required me to use a table with minimum of  one meter by one meter in proportion. The first problem was money and the second problem was space.

Lucky for me, I found out that one of my neighbours thought to the trash an old table for kids.

I pick up that table. I bought a board for  less than 10 dollars. A little work, and magic.

Just some pointers:

1. Always wear safety glasses for any work you may do. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. If you are going to make holes,

a. Get a piece of wood under the piece you are planning to make the hole

b.Using a nail and hammer, place a mark where you are going to make the hole. The mark will make your drilling easier and prevent the drill moving to a different location.

c. Measure twice and drill once.

d. Don’t apply extreme force, let the drill do its work, be patience.

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Group Project: 3D Game for the iphone and itouch!

Its official!

Our group is going to develop a new game for the iphone! A new system for first shooters. So far, I have not found anyone that came up with the same idea. Therefore, it will be in secret until the game in publish.

Our team right now if form by:

Alejandro G. Carlstein Ramos Mejia – Game Concept Designer, Programmer, Administration

Agustin Alejandro Benavidez: Project Manager

Philibian Lindo: Programmer, Audio and Visual effects, Animation

Stephen Brower: Programmer.

Adam Willson: Graphic Designer

Joshua R. Smith: Code tester

Extra help from:

Marina Carlstein Ramos Mejia: Graphic Designer

The team

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