you stop for a second and watch the TED talks about education, you will witness professionals talking about the issues we have in education and ideas on how to solve them. All of them provide a wonderful argument and their ideas are marvellous; however, they all fail to point an important piece for this educational revolution to succeeded which is asking where to start doing these changes. Most speakers in TED talk about changes from kindergarten up to High School; however, they do skip the level of education at university level. From these levels of education is were we must start the educational revolution, not the other way around. Here are the two main reason why we should start from there:

  1. Lets assume you have an student who had grow up in this new educational system. What would happen to that student when he goes to the university and encounter that they teaching using the old methods of education? Is he going to be able to adapt?
  2. Most of the educators that are teaching in schools today, they learned how to teach when they were students at the universities. If the classes at the universities do not use these new methods of education then how do you expect to see them applied at the schools?

The universities are the parents of the educational system. They must provide the correct example if we wish for the children, the schools, to follow. If we keep this current old system running in our universities then any hopes for an educational revolution is wasted. The educational revolution must start in our universities now if we wish to see any changes at our schools in the near future.

© 2013, Alejandro G. Carlstein Ramos Mejia. All rights reserved.


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