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In 2011, I created this blog for the sole purpose of posting answers to common questions I was getting. Next, I used it as a storage for any issues I solved or has a fast reference point. Later on, I decided to make it into a portfolio; however, this decision was stopping me because I was worrying about my grammar. It was like having a writer block; therefore, I said “@#$% grammar!” and keep posting happy ever after. I am very pleased with my blog. It may not be perfect but it fulfilled my needs.

Ages ago, we left the agricultural era and when into the industrial era. Then, the information era appeared like a tsunami changing everything we knew. Now, we are leaving the information era and we are going into a new era. This new era is called “What the heck we do with all this information?”. You can see the different eras like waves. One wave overcoming the previous wave which is fading out. In the industrial era, all important information was in the hand of some few individuals or books. Companies were hiding every details. Everything was checked to make sure it was accurate. Now, things are completely different. We have too much information. Information which is a mix between truth and lies. Now, it is a time to decide what do to with all of it. The new skills are going to need for this era are to forget, to learn and to relearn.

To illustrate better my point, lets see the number of programming languages we have today. There is around 600 programming languages with names that cover all the letter of the alphabet. In the industrial era, everyone was worry if the person to hire knew all the keywords and tricks of programming language because the documentation was hard to get. Now, employers should worry more if the person knows how to program. After all, today you are working in Java, tomorrow you may be working with a new language called XYZ (if it haven’t being invented yet).

Today, I am worrying to practice more important things than a programming language. For example, I am getting into design patterns and the S.O.L.I.D. principles:

  • SRP (Single Responsibility Principle): Only one single responsibility, a class should have.
  • OCP (Open / Closed Principle): Open for extension, but closed for modification
  • LSP (Liskov Substitution Principle): “If S is a subtype of T, then objects of type T in a program may be replaced with objects of type S without altering any of the desirable properties of that program”. In other words, “Without altering the correctness of a program, all objects in a program should be able to be replace with instances of their sub-types.”
  • ISP (Interface Segregation Principle): Build multiple specific interfaces instead of building a huge general-purpose interface.
  • DIP (Dependency Inversion Principle): Build upon abstractions (and interfaces), no upon concretions.

Why, you may ask? Because, a programming language can be learned quite fast; however, the way of doing good, clean, and extendable code is something very hard to get. There is always room for improving. Many companies and employers are worrying more in staring to the tree than making notice of the forest.

It have being wonderful to read my old postings again, and used them when I need them. Perhaps, when I get some extra money, I would hire someone to correct my grammar. In that moment, I will worry to know if the person knows the language and the grammar.

© 2015, Alejandro G. Carlstein Ramos Mejia. All rights reserved.


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