On April 12 of 2018, I went to Amazon’s Alexa Dev Conference at the Denver Marriott Tech Center in 4900 S Syracuse St., Denver, Colorado.

I meet with my friend and co-worker Matt Reddick.

The conference was nice. After doing the checking and obtained our badges, we got greeted by substantial breakfast which consisted of cooked ham, sausage, scramble eggs, and french toasts made with raising bread (I think).

We went over:

  • Introduction, a future projection and a general overview of Alexa’s related product and services.
  • Skill building basics such as Intent, Slots, handling request, AWS Lambda, and NodeJS.
  • AMAZON.LITERAL vs. AMAZON.SearchQuery Slot
  • Voice Design, conversation flow diagrams vs. frame diagrams, and Session Attributes.
  • New Alexa Skills Kit features, APIs, calling public APIs and Calling cloud services
  • Using AWS DynamoDB (vs. Session Attributes) and AWS IOT.

Part of the presentation required the participation of the audience which I found interesting.

At the end, there was a competition based on the Skill all participant created. The participation was optional.


ask new --template
ask deploy
ask simulate -l "EN-US" -t "start quiz game"

Skill Code Generator for Skill Builder Language Models

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