haXe examples

Here are some examples of code on haXe

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3D Printer – tools – file set

Since I am going to be working with aluminum and other materials, I bought a 10-piece file set for U$S 9.98. However, I still need to buy more tools if I wish to work faster, else, I will have to go slowly and keep improvising.

Building a 3D printer using other printers, picked up from the street, is like building a puzzle using different puzzles sets. I must confess that it would be easier to build a 3d printer from scratch but I don’t have the resources to buy a lot of materials and tools needed. Also, this is more challenging, original, and I can learn more than building a 3d printer from scratch.

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Motorcycle repair

Before painting the motorcycle, I wished to fix it.

The airbox, which was full of water, was cleaned up

The rear air filter was replaced with a new filter.

The fuel pipe was replaced with a new one.

The battery adapters were modified to work with the new battery.

Since the new battery is smallest than the original one, I used tape and dimes to change the width and height  of the battery plus a piece of wood to fix the length.

The motorcycle  is running in perfect conditions.

There is something else that need replacement but I have to wait until I can save some money.

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2D Game – Playing around with Haxe

Today, I submerge myself in haxe (www.haxe.org).

In my point of view, what really matters is not the language but  how you program.

However, there is a learning curve for any language.

I wish they would have a documentation like in www.php.net. Which normally is well detailed, there are examples, and also people can add other examples and ask questions. The system of documentation that they are using takes too long. I need examples that can be copied, pasted, and play around it. After, playing around, I can begin doing hardcore programming.

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