Service Autonomy Principles

  • One service should not depend and/or rely on any other service to do its work.
    • Any service failing should not affect other services.
  • Any external service should be considered unstable and be expected to fail
    • If any external service fails then there should not be a cascade of these failures into our service, we should instead degrade the functionality so that such failure doesn’t become catastrophic to our service.
  • Each service update should be dependent without requiring any other service to coordinate updates as well. In other words, the update of any service should affect the rest of services.
  • Services should have the ability to be changes and deployed any time

No Coordinated Transactions Principles

  • One service should not be forced to enroll in a transaction which is owned by another service.
    • The service should not rely on other services
    • The service should not be allowed to do complex transactions, be involved with multiple services changing continuously of states, and/or interacting with multiple services and/or objects.

Microchanges Priciples

  • ACID 2.0 model.
    • Commutative. Idempotent. Distributed.
    • Achieving high throughput by altering our data model.
  • Create as small of database transactions as is logical.
  • Change as little as possible.
  • As events, capture user-intent rather than data objects

Change Tolerant Principles

  • Defensive coding.
  • How tolerant is your service in respect to other services changing?
    • How the service will react to failures?
    • How the service will react with changes in another service’s API?
    • How the service will react with changes in events and/or messages it receive?

Articles Related

  • ACID 2.0 Article:

    Jimmi Bogard. “ACID 2.0 in action.” Los Techies. . (2013): . .

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